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Here at DZA:Technical, as well as providing event production solutions to a range of industries across the UK, we also sell our own products.

Why? Well because over the years, we’ve been faced with many technical, logistical and design challenges that we’ve had to overcome and find solutions to.

Sometimes, these solutions simply weren’t on the market or the products that were, didn’t really measure up. This led to us manufacturing our very own products to meet the demands of the job.

For a while now we’ve had our range of colourful LED strips, drivers, power supplies and accessories available for purchase on our website; and we’re beginning to add more of our products to the site.

The latest addition is XDWind.

The XDWind is a wind sensing device that is able to report back when wind levels reach a pre-determined level. The device reports back via SMS where the user can also change the settings on the device by texting it back.

This kind of device is incredibly useful when working outdoors, in remote locations, where wind speeds need to be monitored closely and updates are needed instantly. Wind speeds can completely disrupt large scale productions that include aspects such as rigging and high structures and so it’s vital for production coordinators to have up to the minute, real time notifications regarding the climate.

To get the best signal, the XDWind should be fixed to the top of your structure which also enables a more accurate wind level reading.

For more information on the XDWind, or any other products in our LED Shop, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at DZA:Technical.

LED Tape Connectors

So many people have been asking “where do I buy cable and LED Tape connectors from”? as they were not in our shop…..

Well look no further, we now stock connectors for RGB and RGBW LED tape if you don’t feel too happy soldering your precious LED.

We even have stock of RGB and RGBW ribbon cable which you can use to connect the tape directly to our range of drivers/dimmers/power supplies.

We always recommend soldering joints for long term reliability but if you have a short exhibition and wish to save time on the shorter lengths of tape then these are perfect for your needs.

Our LED shop is available on line which contains a whole range of LED lighting products and accessories; to help you deliver the only the very best lighting solutions.

DMX Control

Here at DZA: Technical, when it comes to our event production, we take advantage of the versatility and plenitude that DMX controls afford us.

DMX controls are used in digital communication networks and are for use in controlling stage lightning and the effects that often accompany them. Whilst a DMX control can simply be used to turn certain lights on and off in sequence, thus creating a “show”, it can also be linked to dimmers and special effect devices such as fog machines and intelligent lights.

There are multiple settings where a DMX control could be used and is not limited to merely theatrical performances. Christmas lights, electronic billboards, fashion shows, product launches, long-term installations and even domestic lighting can benefit from DMX control.

DMX is so popular because it can be used to control almost anything. However, it should not be used for applications such as pyrotechnics or movement of rigging due to the lack of automatic error checking and correction.

The way it works is mind-bogglingly complex and quite difficult to explain to those not in the industry (and for some of those who are!) but broadly, the control protocol works like a vehicle travelling around a route. There are certain addresses on the route and as the vehicle passes each one, it drops off packets of information which are specific to each address; each relating to a specific command.

The commands are prefaced by a specific code which relates to an action, for example:

  • Move left
  • Change colour
  • Flash

Thus creating a lighting show.

The DMX controls and drivers that we use during our productions are available for purchase online at our DMX shop. If you’d like to know more information about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us 01903 267003.

Colour temperature

Colour temperature is one of the most important factors when choosing a light source and surveys have shown that colour temperature is even placed more highly by consumers than efficacy. Consideration for the temperature of the colour used is taken seriously in almost every kind of application which just goes to show its meaning. Whether you’re choosing lighting for different rooms in your home, for a range of commercial applications or for large scale displays or events, temperature should always be classed as an important factor. And crucially, different colours are more suitable for different applications.

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Why use LED Strip Lighting for Event Production?


Being in the event production industry for so long, we’ve gained a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that has allowed us to effectively solve and manage the technical challenges and artistic visions that are part and parcel of the business.

A huge part of the job is looking at a project and being able to identify the best techniques to deliver the very best solutions, in every different area of the production. This could be anything from knowing the most suitable material to create a sturdy, large scale display, to figuring out the best way to bring a beach indoors!

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Led Suppliers for Events and Fixed Installations

As Led Suppliers for Live Events and fixed installations.  We supply LED tape , Power supplies, DMX drivers, Connecting cables, ribbon cables, wireless led dimmers, addressable tape ws2811/apa104/sk2812.

If you need any help with a project large or small  please contact us. We don’t just sell it we have years of experience and knowledge in this industry and can give you all the support you need.

We offer next day delivery and in extreme cases same day delivery for times when you used more than you ordered!!!